Loch Lomond Pony Trekking

Loch Lomond Pony Trekking has been founded out of a passion for ponies and a love of the area

Photo of SuzanneI am Suzanne McCall and I have been brought up in and around horses and enjoyed competing successfully in my younger days.  I have a passion for ponies and also share a love of the breath-taking scenery that can be found in and around Loch Lomond and the National Park.

It is hard to explain the feeling of relaxation and freedom felt whilst trekking through this spectacular countryside.  The ever changing landscape and views can only invigorate those who experience it.

As such, for me it is a pleasure to be able to offer pony trekking to others who can share in this truly inspiring experience and introduce such spectacular surroundings.

We have a small herd of well-mannered ponies, which are sure footed and always enjoy the experience as much as those of us participating in the trek.  We are a committed and enthusiastic team who wish to make sure that your experience is one that you can cherish and leave you with memories that remain with you long after your visit is over.

Enjoy looking at the website and should you require any further information then we would be delighted to hear from you, either by phone or email.


Suzanne McCall

Founder of Loch Lomond Pony Trekking